for the exhibition at Optica, a center for contemporary art, in 2000

Nicolas Baier

« Now everything is white ! » cried out a friend of mine – he had just repainted his room -, not realising that just as he was exclaiming, the color of the walls were a yellowish grey.

A beautiful orange glittering was making its way through the window on that afternoon. We sat down and let the day go by watching reflections. We talked and most probably had a drink – we were watching the light.

You manage the best you can, you get closer to the simple things, find again a friend, caress your loved one’s haïr, have another taste of that dish just to be sure…

I never look enough and maybe I should listen better ; people – you’d like to hold them and talk to them and then lie down with them.

I’ve been having trouble taking photographs of people for a while ; they give something that I just can’t keep. There is so much terrtory I can’t go anymore.

I took the rest – a little bit of what’s around